Willow Island Sculpture Garden

Willow  Island Sculpture Garden is an outdoor art gallery.  It offers an opportunity to view impressive works by award-winning sculptors against the backdrop of the Grasse River.  The pieces on display are rotated, but remain for an extended duration, so that viewers can return to them and experience them in different lights and different seasons, before they are replaced with a new installation and entirely different experience.  

The first group of sculptures was installed in 2016. It included works by Coral Lambert, John Clement, Peter Lundberg, and Doug Schatz (who curated the exhibition) and featured massive abstract formations in steel, concrete, and other industrial materials. They engaged, by design, a theme in  confluent with the aesthetic of Heritage Park, which lies directly across Main Street, inviting the viewer to think about the connections between landscape and industry, between the natural and the human morphology, connections that are central to our cultural legacy and sense of place in Canton. 

We're seeking artists to display their sculptures in Willow Island Sculpture Garden.

Click here for more details and to review the Request for Proposals. 

Current Sculptures


Christopher Yockey - New York, NY

Rybee House 4

Stephen Klema - New Canaan, CT

Haiku Too 22

Jonathan Waters - Stony Creek, CT

Past Sculptures