The St. Lawrence County Youth Bureau’s YCC Crew has worked closely with the Buildings & Grounds team for several summers doing general weeding and trail cleaning. 
Crew Members: 
Top Row Left to Right:  Adam Randall, Cole Zeller, Connor Wilson, Zachary Hewlett, Nicholas Kearns, Max Szarka, Austin Deshane-Neail, Sean Caringi, Alexavier Perez, Patrick Caringi and Nathan Pike. Bottom Row Left to Right:  Donovan Warner, Andrew Butler, Samuel Helenbrook, Beau Catimon, Brennan Locey, Nicholas Westurn, Connor St. Pier, and Shawn Gilson. 


Volunteer work by dedicated citizens of our community has been the lifeblood of Grasse River Heritage from the beginning and is so still.  We have no paid staff.  We hire professionals when we need to, but the bulk of the work, day in and day out, gets done by people who live here and who come out to support and preserve a community treasure that they value.  They plan and design our projects; roll up their sleeves to maintain, repair, and improve our parks; organize and carry out our events; produce the materials that spread the word about our activities; help to raise funds to support our work; and much more.  For them, this is not just an exercise in charity.  Our volunteers report that it is an active pleasure to join with others in a beautiful setting doing productive work together on behalf of our community.  This way of getting things done makes our resources (your donations) go as far as possible, and it also underscores the communal spirit of our project.  


You are invited to join this team of supporters.  You can help significantly by chipping in a couple of hours once a year, or you might want to get more deeply involved.  Please contact us to let us know that you would like to volunteer for  assistance in park maintenance, event planning, or other activities, or to serve on our board or one of our committees.  Someone will be in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.

Farewell and Thank You!

The hardest part of having volunteers on our board and committees is when we have to say goodbye! This past year we said farewell to three amazing board members, who have combined committed more than 30 years to GRH. Thank you Jenn, Danny, and Pete for your years of hard work and dedication!