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Peter Wyckoff receiving his Volunteer of the Year Award from GRH Vice President Anneke Larrance.

Volunteer of the Year!

Grasse River Heritage could not exist without its many volunteers, and so, to honor them all, we select a Volunteer of the Year. None exemplifies their contribution and dedication more than this year’s winner, Peter Wyckoff. For two decades, Pete brought exceptional leadership and expertise to GRH as a member of its Board of Directors, including a term as President. He retired from the Board at the end of 2021 but has continued to pour time and energy into the work of GRH and the experience of our visitors, taking the lead in complex repair and construction projects in Heritage Park and art installations in the nearby sculpture garden. We could cite examples, but the truth is that there is no direction you can look in these parks and not see his remarkable handiwork.

Volunteer Day at Heritage Park

Many volunteers helped at Heritage Park in Canton as the organization updated the landscape with new shrubs and trees. Pictured are Beth Denny and Louis Tremaine as they plant a new Serviceberry tree which will feature white blossoms in the spring, provide edible food for birds, and show vivid fall colors.

Thank You SLU Students!

A group of St. Lawrence University Orientation Leaders spent an afternoon in August at Heritage Park helping out the Buildings and Grounds Committee. One of their main tasks was covering up the graffiti on the Speare Saw Mill Bunker on Falls Island.

Thank you to the students for volunteering their time, and to Ashley Downing-Duke, St. Lawrence University Senior Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership & Director of the Student Center for coordinating with Grasse River Heritage!