General Information


The Grasse River Heritage Area Development Corporation (GRH) , seeks to develop and promote cultural, economic, educational and recreational opportunities, and to improve the aesthetic appearance and environmental quality within the Grasse River Corridor in the village and town of Canton

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Heritage Park? Do my taxes help keep it open?

Heritage Park and our other parks are wholly owned by Grasse River Heritage, which maintains them for the benefit of the community. Operations are enabled by donations, volunteer help, and occasionally grant support. GRH receives no tax money.

Is Heritage Park open in the winter? Why don’t you plow?

We do not close the park in the winter, but neither do we encourage visitors. That’s because the trails, once they are covered with snow, quickly become icy and slick. Visitors who choose to enter the park under these conditions may have a special experience but should also use extra caution, especially on Falls Island.

Can I book Heritage Park for a private event?

Our parks are intended for use and enjoyment by the entire community. No group other than GRH, therefore, may reserve the entire park for an event, and any event held there should be organized in such a way as not to interfere with access to and enjoyment of the park by other visitors. We ask that any group thinking of holding an event in the park contact us first and describe its plans so that we can discuss how best to work together to meet these goals.

Are the trails and facilities in Heritage Park wheelchair accessible?

All of the public areas on Coakley Island are wheelchair accessible. The trails on Falls Island are also accessible except for a short stretch on the eastern side, which includes rocks and stairways that can be crossed only on foot. We maintain the trails and the footbridges on Falls Island with accessibility in mind.

Who chooses the works in the Sculpture Garden? What are the principles of selection?

The GRH Planning Committee makes these decisions, with guidance and assistance from local professionals in the arts. We seek to bring works of high quality by artists with established reputations, works that will interest, excite, and possibly challenge the viewer and will bring a different experience to our community. We encourage visitors to the Sculpture Garden to contact us with their responses and suggestions.

Land Acknowledgment

Heritage Park resides on the traditional territory of the Akwesasne Mohawk and their ancestors, whose peoples have sought respectful and reciprocal relationships with the local waterways including the Nikentsà:ke (Grasse River) since time immemorial. These lands and waterways connect to the vast traditional areas of the Haudenosaunee, Algonquin, Huron-Wendat, and Abenaki Peoples. We recognize and deeply appreciate their connection to this place. Grasse River Heritage acknowledges its occupying role on these lands and wishes to respectfully work towards a unified path of co-existence and sharing. Its members are committed to honoring Akwesasne Mohawk, Kanienʼkehá:ka, Haudenosaunee, and other Indigenous peoples who have connections to this region predating our own. We ask that individuals visiting Heritage Park take time to reflect on and educate themselves about our diverse communities as a step in this process.